Join the discussion! Interact using social media and the APELSO 2017 smartphone app (TBA). The official conference hashtag is #apelso2017 We encourage you to use it everytime you post conference relevant material on social media.

Each session has a designated hashtag. These can be used to post your questions and comments before, during and after the conference, relating to that particular session.

Hash tag Use for When Debate within the session (same hashtag)
#apelso2017 Official hashtag. All conference relevant material (whole conference)
#apelsoWIN #apelsoWIN competition Thursday 12 October – Saturday 14 October @ 3:00 pm
#apelsoSMILE Competition smile picture Thursday 12 October – Saturday 14 October @ 3:00 pm
#apelsoPAEDS Paediatric sessions (whole conference)
#apelsoECPR ECPR: Are we over promising and under delivering? Friday pre-lunch ECPR – Are we over promising and under delivering?
#apelsoWORLD ECMO around the world: Current status and How I started my centre Friday pre-lunch Is bigger always better? The size debate continues
#apelsoVV Ventilator, the forgotten V in V-VV ECMO Friday post-lunch ARDS Showdown: Rest vs Recruit
#apelsoLIFEON It doesn’t start with ECMO, and it doesn’t stop with ECMO (Life on ECMO and team work) Friday post-lunch Doctor, please let me die! Futility and when to stop.
#apelsoLIFEAFTER Life after ECMO: Happily ever after? (What’s in it beyond the smiling case reports) Friday late ECMO: Is it really worth it?
#apelsoMCS Mechanical circulatory support – Engineering the next generation of devices Friday late How do we promote the interaction between clinicians, engineers, and patients for the next generation of MCS and ECMO development?
When VA ECMO falls short – Mechanical Circulatory Support beyond ECMO Saturday pre-lunch
#apelsoVA VA ECMO – imperfectly perfect Saturday early
#apelsoEDECMO ECMO beyond the ICU: There’s something for everyone Saturday early ECMO at the front door – are you kidding? (ED ECMO pro/con debate) AND ECMO: Who, why, where and when?
#apelsoRESEARCH Best abstracts session
Late breaking studies on ECLS: Key trials and the 5 best papers of the last year Sat post-lunch Debate: Is there a role for an Asia-Pacific research collaboration?

#apelsoWIN Competition!

Join the #apelsoWIN competition and rise above the rest as the most interactive conference attendee!

Rules and how to participate:
Get points by using Twitter with the #apelsoWIN and the #apelso2017 hashtags (both in the same tweet) from Thursday 12 October until 3:00 pm on Saturday 14 October.

The top 3 interactors will be presented with their name and APELSO smile picture at the closing ceremony.

1.5p (max: 4.5p) Photo of a speaker’s slide or a memorable quote from a session.
5p (max: 5p) Post a photo of your best smile using the #apelsoSMILE AND the #apelsoWIN hashtags
3p (max: 3p) Photo of you and a new friend from another country.
3p (max: 3p) Photo of you and an APELSO helper (must be wearing the APELSO t-shirt)
3p (max: 3p) Photo of you and a surfer
3p (max: 3p) Photo of you at the Gold Coast beach
3p (max: 3p) Photo of you and the APELSO logotype
0.5 point per shoe (no max limit!) Photo of you and other peoples shoes (has to be attached to a leg!)

Bonus points (used as a tie breaker)
Most liked tweet (any apelso hashtag)
Most shared tweet (any apelso hashtag)
Most comments, debate interactions and questions asked/answered on Twitter using the #apelso2017 hashtag
Most replies to other delegates’ questions and comments within the conference app

Note! Please make sure you have consent if you post pictures of other people. Also, keep in mind that the photos will be publicly available and may be used by APELSO to promote the conference.