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Breakfast Session
0730 – 0830
Allied Health and Nursing Breakfast – Tea, toast and turns – pressure injury prevention for ECMO patients – sponsored by Stryker – FULL
Medical Breakfast – Heart recovery with Impella – sponsored by Abiomed
Morning Session 1
0900 – 1030
Inaugural session
Moderated by: John Fraser / Kiran Shekar / Graeme MacLaren
0900 – 0905 : Welcome from Conference Chair John Fraser / Kiran Shekar
0905 – 0910: Welcome to Country
0910 – 0920: Official opening Hon Cameron Dick, Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services
0920 – 0945: Patient stories
0945 – 1000: History of ECMO Robert Bartlett
1000 – 1020: Beyond ECMO: What the future holds Daniel Brodie
1020 – 1030: ECMO In Asia Pacific: An update Graeme MacLaren
Morning Tea, Industry Exhibition, Poster Viewing and Interactive Zone
1030 – 1100
Morning Session 2
1100 – 1230
ECPR: Are we over promising and under delivering?
Moderated by: Vincent Pellegrino / James Winearls / Darren Walters
ECMO around the world: Current status and How I started my centre
Moderated by: Graeme MacLaren / Nick Barrett / Malaika Mendonca
1100 – 1115: ECPR – How, when, where and why Vincent Pellegrino 1100 – 1135: 5 minute pearls and pitfalls: How I started my centre Graeme MacLaren (Singapore),
Feilong Hei (China),
Shingo Ichiba (Japan),
Jae-Seung Jung (South Korea),
Dan Mullany (Australia/New Zeeland)
1115 – 1130: Realism in the age of ECPR Paul Forrest
1130 – 1145: How to set up an ECPR service Yih-Sharng Chen
1145 – 1200: Prehospital ECPR – really? Nicolas Bréchot 1135 – 1210: Debate: Is bigger always better? The size debate continues Carl Davis vs Neil Orford vs Matthieu Schmidt vs Shingo Ichiba
Debate Moderator: Chris Joyce
1200 – 1230: Debate: ECPR – Are we over promising and under delivering? Paul Forrest vs Yih-Sharng Chen vs Nicolas Bréchot vs Peter Lai
Debate Moderator: Vincent Pellegrino
1210 – 1230: ELSO Center of Excellence Award Cory Ellis
Lunch, Industry Exhibition, Poster Viewing and Interactive Zone
1230 – 1400
Afternoon Session 1
1400 – 1530
Ventilator, the forgotten V in V-VV ECMO
Moderated by: Matthieu Schmidt / Hassan Ibrahim / Kiran Shekar
It doesn’t start with ECMO, and it doesn’t stop with ECMO (Life on ECMO and team work)
Moderated by: John Fraser / Jayne Sheldrake / Oystein Tronstad
1400 – 1415: 1. VV ECMO – still a rescue therapy? Daniel Brodie 1400 – 1440: 1. Let’s go ECMO: How to get an ECMO patient to eat, walk and engage
1415 – 1430: Who should not get VV ECMO? Thomas Müller
1400 – 1410: Keeping cannulas in situ and infection free
1410 – 1425: Advances in nutrition therapy on ECMO
1425 – 1440: How to get an ECMO patient to walk and talk
1430 – 1445: Oxygenation comes with a cost Eddy Fan 1440 – 1500: Building strong ECMO teams Zhao Ju
1445 – 1500: How do I know the lungs are getting better? Shay McGuiness 1500 – 1520: Debate: Doctor, please let me die! Futility and when to stop. Liz Crowe vs Roberto Lorusso vs Neil Orford vs Jeff Breeding vs Peter Lai
1500 – 1530: Debate: ARDS Showdown: Rest vs Recruit David Tuxen vs Danny McAuley vs Niall Ferguson
Debate Moderator: Daniel Brodie
1520 – 1530: Group discusion Debate Moderators: John Fraser/Jayne Sheldrake
Afternoon Tea, Industry Exhibition, Poster Viewing and Interactive Zone
1530 – 1600
Afternoon Session 2
1600 – 1730
Life after ECMO: Happily ever after? (What’s in it beyond the smiling case reports)
Moderated by: Carol Hodgson / Eddy Fan / Carl Davis
Mechanical circulatory support – Engineering the next generation of devices
Moderated by: John Fraser / Michael Stevens
1600 – 1610: Long-term survival – is ECMO to blame? Viktor von Bahr 1600 – 1620: The current state of MCS Uli Steinseifer
1610 – 1630: Back to normal? Carol Hodgson 1620 – 1635: Designing a rotary blood pump – what are the key factors? Geoff Tansley
1630 – 1645: What are the relevant outcome measures – lessons learned from the paediatric world Johnny Millar + Eddy Fan 1635 – 1650: It’s not just a pump – A focus on the MCS system Shaun Gregory
1645 – 1705: ECMO-nomics Marc Ziegenfuss, Indrek Rätsep 1650 – 1705: Improving the user-device interaction with MCS Cara Wrigley
1705 – 1730: Debate: ECMO: Is it really worth it? Jayne Sheldrake vs Nick Barrett vs Malaika Mendonca vs Eva Marwali
Debate Moderators: Carol Hodgson / Eddy Fan / Carl Davis
1705 – 1730: Debate: How do we promote the interaction between clinicians, engineers, and patients for the next generation of MCS and ECMO development? Robert Bartlett vs John Fraser vs Uli Steinseifer vs Cara Wrigley vs Mathew Reid
Debate Moderators: John Fraser / Michael Stevens


Breakfast Session
0730 – 0830
ECMO Breakfast sponsored by Getinge
ECMO model initiation: A unique case mix discussion
Hosted by Dr James Winearls
Morning Session 1
0830 – 1000
Paediatric Inauguration and Session 1: Children are not small adults: paediatric specific ECLS delivery
VA ECMO – imperfectly perfect
Moderated by: Hergen Buscher / David Tuxen / Nchafatso Obonyo
ECMO beyond the ICU: There’s something for everyone
Moderated by: Shinichiro Ohshimo / Marc Maybauer / Kiran Shekar
0830 – 0845: Inaugural Paediatric Speech: Paediatric ECLS in Asia Pacific and the world, where are we and where from here Graeme MacLaren 0830 – 0850: 1. Not all cardiogenic shock are equal Roberto Lorusso 0830 – 0845: Damage control ECMO – first step in mending broken hearts Kiran Shekar
0845 – 0900: The Lung: the lost black box – considerations for VV and VA ECLS Andreas Schibler 0850 – 0905: VA ECMO as bridge to decision – hard decision to make? Ichiro Takeuchi 0845 – 0910: Debate: ECMO at the front door – are you kidding? (ED ECMO pro/con debate) Sean Scott vs Thomas Müller vs Niall Ferguson
0900 – 0915: State of the Art: Devices for Children Michael McMullan 0905 – 0925: RCTs in VA ECMO for MCS – all eggs can’t be in one basket Alain Combes 0910 – 0923: Can cardiologists be trusted with ECMO? (Coz I don’t think intensivists should be) Darren Walters
0915 – 0930: Update on VAD Bennett Sheridan 0925 – 0940: VA ECMO is a journey not a destination – getting there Hergen Buscher 0923 – 0935: Central vs. peripheral ECMO: Lets talk geography, not anatomy Heidi Dalton
0930 – 0945: Challenges on ECLS in congenital heart disease Sarah Tabbutt 0940 – 1000: VA ECMO in sepsis – the good , bad and the ugly Paul Forrest 0935 – 1000: Debate: ECMO: Who, why, where and when? James Winearls vs Kenneth Palmer vs Ibrahim Hassan
Debate Moderator: Kiran Shekar
0945 – 1000: An unsolved problem: infection and inflammation on ECLS Luregn Schlapbach
Morning Tea, Industry Exhibition, Poster Viewing and Interactive Zone
1000 – 1030
Morning Session 2
1030 – 1230
Paediatric Pro-Con Session: current challenges and controversies in paediatric ECLS
When VA ECMO falls short: Mechanical Circulatory Support beyond ECMO
Moderated: by John Fraser / Paul Forrest
Best abstracts session
1030 – 1050: Pro/Con: ECPR: can you die without ECLS in our hospital? Sarah Tabbutt,
Roberto Chiletti,
Heidi Dalton (Chair)
1030 – 1050: Making peripheral VA ECMO work – the fallacy of high flow VA ECMO Matthieu Schmidt


Amanda Corley,
Shaun Gregory

1050 – 1110: Pro/Con: ECLS for septic shock (indications, cannulation, outcomes) Roberto Chiletti,
John Beca,
Kenneth Palmer (Chair)
1050 – 1110: MCS: ECMO and beyond – we can’t do it without the surgeons Nicolas Bréchot
VA-ECMO in Cardiopulmonary Failure Of Peripartum Patients
Hsun-Yi Fu, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan
Skin Integration Around Modified Driveline Surfaces for Ventricular Assist Devices
Eléonore C Bolle, Critical Care Research Group and Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Pulmonary Computer Tomography Findings and St George Respiratory Questionnaire in Patients 3-17 Years Post Respiratory ECMO.
Håkan Kalzén, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden
A Randomised Controlled Trial of the Safety and Feasibility of a Thromboelastometry (Tem®) Based Algorithm to Treat Bleeding Episodes in Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS)
David Zhang, St Vincent’s Hospital and University of New South Wales, Australia
Difference of Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT) between Patient and Circuit during Veno-Arterial Ecmo with Infusion of Nafamostat Mesilate
Hang Jea Jang, Inje University Haeundae Paik Hospital, Republic of Korea
Association between Survival Rates and Detailed Underlying Diseases in Patients Who Underwent ECMO: Report from the Japanese Registry of Respiratory ECMO
Toshiyuki Aokage, Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Medical Center, Japan
An International Survey of Bedside Clinical Practices Regarding Cannula and Circuit Management in Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Taressa Bull, Critical Care Research Group and University of Queensland, Australia
An Incremental Approach to Describing the Altered Pharmacokinetics of Ciprofloxacin during Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Hafiz Abdul-Aziz, University of Queensland Centre of Clinical Research (UQCCR), Australia
ECPR under Fluoroscopic Guidance Reduces Complications without Prolonging the Time before Initiation of ECMO
Keisuke Shimizu, Hachinohe City Hospital, Japan
Retrieval of Adult Patients on Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation: The Nine-Year Experience in New South Wales, Australia.
Danielle Austin, St Vincent’s Hospital, Australia
Effect of Ex-Vivo Circulation on Mesenchymal Stem Cell in Miniaturized ECMO Circuit: A Pilot Study
Hwa Jin Cho, Chonnam National University Hospital, Republic of Korea
Discrepancies between Autopsy Reports and Clinical Findings in Patients Who Underwent Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation.
Kollengode Ramaswamy Ramanathan, National University of Singapore and National University Hospital, Singapore
Investigation of microcirculatory effects of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in an ovine model of ARDS treated with ECMO
Nchafatso Obonyo, Critical Care Research Group
Quality of Life and Long-Term Follow-Up Post Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS)
Olivia Harley, St Vincent’s Hospital and University of New South Wales, Australia
Supra-Normal Oxygenation during ECMO Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. A Retrospective Study.
Aidan Burrell, Alfred Hospital, South Yarra, VICK, Australia
1110 – 1130: Pro/Con: Challenging respiratory ECLS (CDH, Pneumonia, Oncology) Graeme MacLaren,
Adrian Mattke,
Carl Davis (Chair)
1110 – 1130: Is there a perfect way to “vent” the heart or is a horses for courses approach best? Vincent Pellegrino
1130 – 1150: Pro/Con: Anticoagulation Peter Roeleveld,
Christian Stocker,
Robert Bartlett (Chair)
1130 – 1150: The role of ECMO in critical cardiac illnes David McGiffin
1150 – 1210: Round Table: What research questions should we ask for paediatric ECLS? Andreas Schibler (Chair),
Satoshi Nakagawa,
Grame MacLaren,
Luregn Schlapbach,
Malaika Mendonca,
Heidi Dalton
1150 – 1210: Total artificial heart –reality or just a dream? BiVACOR
1210 – 1230: Rescue VA ECMO for adults with congenital heart disease Marc Maybauer
Lunch, Industry Exhibition, Poster Viewing and Interactive Zone
1230 – 1330
Afternoon Session 1
1330 – 1500
Paediatric ECLS Service Delivery and Development and Regional Experiences: lessons learnt and and keys to success
Late breaking studies on ECLS: Key trials and the 5 best papers of the last year
Moderated by: Daniel Brodie / John Fraser / Michael McMullan
Monitoring and Imaging in ECMO – Seeing is believing
Moderated by: Maximilian Malfertheiner / Toshiyuki Aokage
1330 – 1345: ECLS transport for Children and Neonates Kenneth Palmer 1330 – 1345: Antibiotics in ECMO, ACTIONS to REDUCE Jason Roberts 1330 – 1350: Monitoring haemostasis – the right dose to the right patient on the right time Priya Nair
1345 – 1400: Beyond mortality: What are the relevant quality and outcome questions for children on ECLS Johnny Millar 1345 – 1400: ECMOnet introduction and the 5 best papers of the last year Daniel Brodie 1350 – 1410: The role of echocardiography in patient selection and initiation of ECMO David Platts
1400 – 1415: ECLS Circuit 2025 Robert Bartlett 1400 – 1415: International Centre for Research on Mechanical Support John Fraser 1410 – 1420: Monitoring microcirculation Nchafatso Obonyo
1415 – 1455: Regional Experiences: Lessons learnt and keys to success Eva Marwali (Indonesia),
Hwa Jin Cho (Korea),
Adrian Mattke / Christian Stocker (Australia),
Satoshi Nakagawa (Japan)
1415 – 1427: Will EOLIA change everything in VV ECMO? Alain Combes 1420 – 1430: Novel monitoring techniques in ECMO Jonathan Millar
1427 – 1440: EXPECT trail for ECMO and CRRT in cardiogenic shock Xiaotong Hou 1430 – 1440: From intra-operative VAD optimisation to the alarming VAD – the critical role of echocardiography David Platts
1440 – 1500: Debate: Is there a role for an Asia-Pacific research collaboration? Yih-Sharng Chen vs John Fraser vs Daniel Brodie vs Xiaotong Hou
Debate Moderator: Graeme MacLaren
1440 – 1500: Monitoring ventilation and diaphragm function during ECMO Niall Ferguson
Afternoon Tea, Industry Exhibition, Poster Viewing and Interactive Zone
1500 – 1530
Afternoon Session 2
1530 – 1700
Closing session
Moderated by: John Fraser / Kiran Shekar
1530 – 1545: ELSO Nomenclature Initiative on ECMO cannulation Maximilian Malfertheiner
1545 – 1605: What I would advise my 30 year old self Robert Bartlett / Kenneth Palmer / Roberto Lorusso
1605 – 1625: What I hope has been achieved when I’m 65 Eddy Fan / Vincent Pellegrino
1625 – 1700: Making the most of ECMO inflation in ASIA -> Awards and closing remarks John Fraser