David Tuxen

Senior Intensivist
The Alfred and Albury Base Hospitals

Prof David Tuxen trained during the Jurassic Period and after 35 years as an ICU consultant he is overdue for retirement but is still a part time Senior Intensivist at Alfred & Albury Base Hospitals.

His greatest work enjoyment is mechanical ventilation especially related to asthma, ARDS, lung recruitment and ventilator waveforms. He loves new knowledge and having fun at work.

He is a past Director of Intensive Care at the Alfred Hospital, a past President of ANZICS & a past Chairman of the Intensive Care Foundation. He has received the ANZICS Medal, given the ANZICS Oration and been placed on the ANZICS Honour roll.

He started and runs the Alfred Advanced Mechanical Ventilation Conferences and the Mechanical Ventilation Waveform Workshops.