Luregn Schlapbach

Paediatric intensivist
Lady Cilento Children`s Hospital PICU

A/Prof Luregn Schlapbach is a paediatric intensivist at Lady Cilento Children`s Hospital PICU in Brisbane, and leads the Sepsis, Infection and Inflammation theme at the Paediatric Critical Care Research Group, Mater Research Institute, University of Queensland. Dr Schlapbach`s research has focused on inflammation and life-threatening infections in critically ill neonates and children, including aspects such as epidemiology, immunology, outcomes and genomics in this highly vulnerable patient group. He is investigating how to differenciate inflammation and infection in critically ill children, in particular in children exposed to extracorporeal circulations. His current research projects are focusing on developing improved approaches to allow early recognition and targeted treatment of severe infections in children, including healthcare-associated infections.

Luregn Schlapbach is involved in several national and international studies on life-threatening infections in children, and is part of the paediatric Surviving Sepsis Campaign panel. Since 2012, Schlapbach has held >$3.5M ($>1.5M as CIA) of competitive research funding including NHMRC, SNF, H2020.