Malaika Mendonca

Division Chief Paediatric...
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, managed by Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi - UAE

Dr Malaika Mendonca graduated from the Essen Medical School University (Universitäts Klinik Essen) in 1996. During her residency training for anaesthesia and critical care, she encountered her first practical experiences in the field of Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS), while rotating through the ICU.

She acquired International experience and knowledge through electives and observership in the Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto, Canada, and the Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard University, Boston, USA.

After completing her Board Certification (Facharzt) in 2001, she joined the Ludwig Maximilian University Hospital in Munich to lead the Cardiac Paediatric Critical Care Unit, and in this capacity had major exposure to ECMO, ventricular assist devices and heart transplant.

Always interested in new perspectives and challenges, she was offered in 2004 to support the creation of the Paediatric Critical Care Unit in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) in Abu Dhabi. After an initial set up phase limited to 6 beds, the Unit expanded to the current 27 beds, and serves the whole UAE. Dr Malaika Mendonca is the Division Chief of the Cardiac PICU since 2010.
As ECMO Program Director, she established the foundation and growth of the program so that SKMC is now the reference centre in the UAE and leading centre in the Gulf region.

Her dedication to education, teaching, knowledge exchange and update has made her a frequently invited speaker in local and international conferences, and Dr Malaika Mendonca is the-Chair for the South West Asien Chapter ELSO.