Vin Pellegrino

Senior Intensive Care Spe...
The Alfred Hospital

A/Prof Vin Pellegrino is a Senior Intensive Care Specialist at the Alfred Hospital and head of the ECMO clinical Service. He has had a lead role in the development of ECMO services at The Alfred since 2003. His other interests are in circulatory physiology and control of the circulation.

He is also:

  • Senior Intensivist
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dept. of Surgery, Monash University
  • Head Alfred ICU ECMO Service
  • Coordinator, Alfred ICU ECMO Course
  • Coordinator, Alfred ICU ECMO International Symposium
  • Managing Committee, ECMO trial
  • Head, Undergraduate Medical Student Teaching, Alfred ICU
  • Scientific Advisory Board for Applied Physiology
  • Member Alfred Cardiothoracic audit, VAD meeting and Cardiology M & M
  • Member Alfred Disaster Planning
  • Member Alfred Transplant Management Committee
  • Supervisor of PhD students x4